5 Secrets to Buying Designer Clothes at Fast Fashion Prices

The fashion industry is known to be ever-moving, and never stable. Trends changing every day, in a snap, it is difficult to keep up with everything that is latest. We cannot visit every store to know the latest arrivals every day, also our pockets do not allow the same. But, some brands like Braun Watches offers quality products at really affordable price. Therefore, as a solution to this, there has come a new arrival in the fashion industry also known as the Fast Fashion. Fast fashion is nothing but buying the latest fashion trends, mimicked meticulously, at cheap rates. All thanks to stores like H&M, Forever 21, TJ Maxx, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, etc., fast fashion has become a booming market for all kinds of manufacturers and sellers and us? We are their puppets.

As I said above, the trends change at an incredibly rapid pace. The style and the piece of clothing you are wearing today might become obsolete in the coming two weeks. The fast fashion industry makes sure to keep up with such changes. Not everyone can afford Gucci, Prada, and Armani every two weeks, but we want to look good. And this is where we fall apart, we go to that H&M store see that similar blouse a model wore in Vogue, buy it at cheap rates, only to find out that the material is not good enough to stay with us for even a year. Buying so many cheap clothes not only affects us, our pockets, and our wardrobes, but also it affects the society at large. It poses threat to our planet, our cultures, our health, everything. We now possess a wardrobe that says “deals” instead of finding actual clothes we can wear for long.


No matter what, if you are still planning to go and check out Zara or H&M for buying new clothes for yourself, keep these things in mind:


  • What can you actually buy:
    • If you know people who can give you honest opinions about a particular item, and if the reviews turn out to be good, then go grab that item. The more the consumer reviews, the higher you fast fashion item is going to last.
    • If your pockets do not allow you to buy real suede or leather goods, then you can pick up something that looks similar to it, manmade suede is fine in such cases also cheap.  
    • The biggest problem in the fast fashion industry is the fact that colors can bleed off in just one wash. Therefore, instead of investing into colorful items that might eventually lose their sheen and look tacky, you can invest into neutral colors that can go on for longer durations.
    • Save yourself from buying fast fashion items that need dry cleaning. The cost of the item would not be much, as much you will spend on dry cleaning.
  • What can you skip:
    • Save yourself the trouble of buying ‘classic’ items. They are made with cheap material, and they are literally everywhere. Everyone is going to carry them.
    • There are chances that you might fall in love with an item but it might have a broken button and a broken seam, you would want to stay away from it. Because you don’t want to spend your time and money on an item that is going to cost you as much as its repair.
    • NEVER buy knockoffs. A Prada dress is always a Prada dress, no matter if it retails for a cheaper rate at your H&M store. The quality of the fabric, the craftsmanship of the team who designed it, the precision with which it was made can never be matched by local and cheap laborers sitting out in China, Vietnam, India, and Bangladesh.
    • Prefer to rent designer dresses instead of buying knockoffs for the next wedding or party you have to go to. The dress will be all over the place if it is not an originally crafted one.