10 tips to dressing well in 2017

Fashion changes frequently one day you are wearing denim jackets and Mondaine Wrist Watches, the next week you see people parading in winter coats and Rolex Watches. The floral print dress hanging in your closet right now might not stay in trend the next time you think of wearing it. In a snap, people can go from skinny jeans to boyfriend jeans, which leaves you still hanging on to the high waisted skinny jeans with your crop top from the last season for this season. Fret not. Check out our top tips to make sure you are not left behind.

  1. Athleisure: the knitted and stretchy pieces of clothing meant for both casual outing and athletics is going to stay for a while. The material that makes up such outfits is super comfortable and suits all body shapes and curves and literally, no one can look bad in it.
  2. Rainbows: For all the people who love colors, rainbow stripes are the latest trend. You can mix and match with any subtle pieces of clothing and make up a new outfit every time you step out. Suit yourselves to all kinds of rainbow stripes- broad, narrow, hypnotic.
  3. Khaki: The khaki pants that you bought last season are still a rage among women this season. The oversized cargo-like pants with multiple and functional pockets, fully equipped with all kinds of strings to make it even more comfortable is just what you need to wear this summer.
  4. Shirty affair: A basic white shirt can be used in many different ways, only if you know how to experiment. Oversized shirts with chunky yet sophisticated belts can make up for that summery brunch you are about to have. Plus point? You can reuse the shirt with a skirt for the next day to your office.
  5. 80’s glam: Fashion trends keep going back and forth as we know. This time it is the 80’ that are back yet again with their puffy sleeves, ruffles, and their well-known glam factors. Buy yourself something 80’s like for your next party.
  6. Bra shopping: You might want to revisit your lingerie store again because the bras are back ladies. Yes! Trendy and beautiful bras showing out, getting their share of the spotlight is the latest trend.
  7. Romance: summers mean new romance and with the latest spring trends including lacy, delicate, and sophisticated dresses teamed up with little hearts and briefs, these sure will leave a mark on the people around you. These won’t  be the only marks you leave on people because of the romantic aura they spread around.
  8. Baaaaaaaags: bags loaded with almost everything from your apartment is like a dream for every fashion lover, because of all kinds of stuff that they might require on the go. Luckily, for them, the XXXL bags are in trend. Load up all you want, your bag is your mini home now.
  9. Insta-Rings: huge, flashy and chunky earrings that are as big as your face, and weigh a lot are the new trend that is flashing around the social media. Go check if you still haven’t.
  10. Intro-tees: are you one of those who refrains from interaction? Slogan t-shirts are back for you. For the fashionable introverts who want their clothes to do the talking, slogan t-shirts are it.