10 Most Expensive Men’s Suits In The World

10 Most Expensive Men's Suits In The World

Men and suits are synonymous terms. Suits are the symbol of a gentleman, it is the epitome of his manhood. Fashion industry has of late been changed by men and their clothing styles. Nowadays, Men’s fashion and appearance is not just rely on suits, addons like Ethnic Shoes, Fancy Caps, and Classic Olivia Burton Watches also have great value. Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive men’s suits in the world:

  1. Stuart Hughes diamond edition: The diamond studded exclusive suit comes at a whooping price of almost a million dollars ($892,500). All the credit goes to the world famous luxury goods designer Stuart Hughes, and the hardworking famous team of Richard Jewels. The special thing about the suit? There are only three of them in this whole world. Crafter after about 800 hours, this cashmere and wool suit has 480 half karat diamonds all over it.
  2. Alexander Amosu Vanquish II Bespoke: the world’s most expensive wool along with gold and diamonds make up this $100,000 suit. The designer Alexander Amosu designed only two such suits after years of hard work and efforts.
  3. Dormeuil Vanquish II: a 170-year-old family of designers decided to embark upon the journey to create one of the most expensive suits for men. They took the best features of the British and the french fabrics and created the $95,300 suit made out six highly rare fabrics of the world. The suit is as unique as the wearer.
  4. William Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke: 200 hours of fine stitching, hard work, handcrafting, and the unique team of perfectionists came together to create this beauty worth $75,000. This 3-4 piece suit was initially designed for elite people of Russia and the Middle East.
  5. Kiton K 50: Italy’s top suit designers since 1968 have created the K-50 suit for $60,000 with the help of 330 tailors, with almost 40 tailors on each suit, which took about 25 hours to create. The merino sheep wool is the highlight of this suit.
  6. Desmond Merrion Supreme Bespoke: one of the most renowned names in the world of men’s suits Desmond Merrion handcrafted the $50,000 suit. Literally, no machine came into contact with the fabric anywhere at any point of time. The finished suit took months to come out for the world to admire, giving the men a sculpted look.
  7. Brioni Vanquish II: the brand was established in the year 1945 after the second world war. They came out with a $43,000 suit for men who love class and style. The suit uses some of the finest fabrics in the world along with the stitching that is made out of white gold is what makes the suit stand out.
  8. World Wood Record Challenge Cup Suits: In 2012 in the World Wood record challenge, aspiring men’s suit designers participated to craft the best suits for men. A woman named Susana Triplett won that year. Her suit sold for about $28,000. This suit is famous for the 11.1-micron diameter wool that crafted the finest suit a man could ask for. Almost 50 suits were sold that time.
  9. William Fioravanti Suits: William Fioravanti is known to set benchmarks for his designer men’s suits in the world a lot of hard work goes into one suit so that when adorned, it speaks nothing but class and perfection. A suit by this brand can almost cost about $22,000.
  10. Brook Brothers: the suits designed for all kinds of ultra-rich and elite people of the Gulf and the Russian countries. These powerful and wealthy people speak confidence fluently when adorned in the exquisite $14,500 suits.